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Kalkar-here lives the Lower Rhine

More than any other city at the Lower Rhine Kalkar is presenting architecture, art and city planning of the middel ages as one unit.

The most impressive landmark of this is the St. Nicolai church with its famous carved altars. Distinctive for Kalkar is furthermore the marketplace, which is placed in front of the town hall at which numerous culinary localities are inviting the guest to stay in a cosy atmosphere. Further free time activities are on hand in the districts of  Kalkar. 

For further information: www.kalkar.de


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Even from far away the impressive Swan castle shows the road to Kleve. The old duke-and Prussian seat Kleve has transferred the magic of its history to modern times. Kleve is offering numerous city tours so you can really get to the know the Swan city. 

Further information: www.kleve.de


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Xanten is a small charming townlet at the Lower Rhine. (Xanten..)

Besides the cathedral St. Viktor, the former city gate Klever Tor, the Gothic House and the Kriemhild mill are the landmarks of this city. The open-air museum LVR-archaeological Park Xanten (APX)  gives it’s guest an vibrant understanding of the daily routine in a Roman city using reconstructions on historical ground. 

For further information: www.xanten.de


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The oldest city at the below Lower Rhine with one of the most beautiful Rhine boardwalks in Germany is inviting you to pure, Rhenisch entertainment. The Rhine stream, the city fortification with the underground casemates, the sculpture park with its planet path and the Rhine boardwalk are magnets for visitors for as long as anyone can remember.

For further information: www.stadt-rees.de


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Located at the Lower Rhine is Kevelaer according to the Brockhaus the biggest pilgrimage destination of north-westerly Europe. Annually there are almost one million visitors who are paying a visit to the city at the left Lower Rhine, in which 29.ooo inhabitants are living. They are enjoying the lovely old alleys and picturesque corners or they are collecting impressions while they are visiting the galleries and handcrafted master workshops. 

For further information: www.kevelaer.de


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Goch is located easily accessible in the centre of the district Kleve, directly at the German-Dutch border. More than 34.000 people are living in the former city of cigar producers and weavers. Goch is presenting itself as modern centre with a diverse mix of branches and  with outstanding living and free time possibilities. Many visitors are attracted by the waves of the Niers in the downtown or by the waterpark Goch Ness.

For further information: www.goch.de



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